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Our Story

Bill’s Trading Post has been a source of authentic Native American jewelry and artifacts, allowing customers to experience the beauty, culture, and heritage of Indigenous art. The Casey family has supported individual Native artists making their living locally & afar for over 80 years. Located in Berkeley, California, we are the oldest family business in the Elmwood District.

Janet Casey, Peggy's daughter

Paul & Peggy Casey

Not Afraid of Change

SLIDE 1 - Bill's Trading Post circa 1981

SLIDE 2 - Bill's Trading Post & Gem Gallery circa 2000

                      (the two consolidated in June 2019)

SLIDE 3 - Bill's Trading Post circa 2022

Jewelry Crafted Just For You


In today's time at Bill's, we’re proud to offer custom jewelry that’s as unique as you. Following family suit, Peggy’s granddaughter Julie works in shop to offer custom jewelry design made from lost wax carving. 

She is passionate about crafting the perfect piece for each customer. Whether you’re looking to re-up an old family heirloom or design something completely new, she's here to help you make it a reality!



Unique Designs for All!

We also offer one of a kind creations, as well as a variety of vintage jewelry. Our selection is ever changing and we've got

something for almost every generation continuing

that timeless touch! 

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