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Consign with Us!

Bill’s Trading Post is the destination for authentic handmade Indigenous Native American goods. Our shop features some of the most unique and quality pieces for your items to be displayed alongside. We offer a staff of experts in the field to ensure the high value of your items. Additionally, our website includes a tab to highlight current items on consignment & we have a bi-weekly story sale to boost reach and get your items seen! Ready to sell your gems with us…Complete the form below.

Consignment Contract

    This Consignment Agreement is made effective as of ____/_____/____ and ___/_____/____. In this Agreement, the party who is granting the right to sell its merchandise will be referred to as the “Consignor” and the other party who is receiving the right to sell the merchandise will be referred to as “Bill’s Trading Post (Consignee)”.


The Parties agree as follows:

  1. The CONSIGNOR authorizes CONSIGNEE to sell any and all goods consigned at a price evaluated by the Consignee, Bill’s Trading Post.

  2. The CONSIGNEE will retain 60% of actual selling price when goods are sold. The CONSIGNOR’S account is automatically credited the other 40% of the selling price.

  3. CONSIGNMENT PERIOD: Items will be on consignment for the agreed date range and the contract may be renewed upon expiration.

    1. It is the sole responsibility of the Consignor to check on the sale of the Consignment via Phone Call. 

    2. When the consigned item has sold, you will be paid upon contacting us via Check.

    3. Remaining Consignment(s) that did not sell during Consignment term will be returned to the Consigner After the term is up, Consigner has six months to pick up remaining Consignment(s). BTP will attempt to contact Consigner by the means provided in the Agreement within. (phone/email) After __/__/____,          Consignor forfeits Consignment(s) to be the sole property of BTP.

  4. RIGHT TO CANCEL:  The Consigner may end this contract at any time within the term of the Agreement

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